"Paying attention to simple little things most men neglect. . . makes a few men rich."
-Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company

At Corporate America Realty & Advisors we have built our growing business on building successful working relationships with our clients.  We BEGIN our relationship with our clients, with the mutual objective of understanding the successful ENDING that they require.

"PAR" at Corporate America Realty & Advisors, does not mean a great score of playing golf, (although we do enjoy the sport).  "PAR" at "CARA", has another meaning.  It is our corporate directive.  We partner with our clients to make certain there is a common understanding of the "problem(s)" that a strategic plan will be developed and implemented in taking the necessary "action". . . to bring about the required "results!" ("PAR")

When you engage Corporate America Realty & Advisors to work with you exclusively on your next acquisition or disposition, you can expect the professional service you deserve.  We understand the value of relationships.  With positive results . . . the relationship grows.  In addition, we provide added value . . .at no additional cost. . . as our real estate commission is generally paid by the Landlord or the Seller.

In an Exclusive Tenant Representative Assignment you will be assigned a Strategic Project Leader "SPL".  An "SPL" is a highly experienced and successful real estate professional.  The "SPL" will be your single point of contact. He/She will be responsible for the performance of the professional real estate team that is assigned to your requirement.  He/She will coordinate the corporate checklist and strategic real estate plan that has been developed.  Just as an airline assigns a pilot to carry its passengers to a destination, we at "CARA" do things in a similar way.  A pilot has a flight plan and flight checklist . . . as do we.  The team will cover the following: