“Some of us do our jobs well and some will not, but we will all be judged by only one thing . . . results.”
-Vince Lombardi, former NFL coach of the Green Bay Packers

Corporate America Realty & Advisors ("CARA") is recognized as a real estate resource and corporate real estate service provider to leading corporations, institutions and select investors.  We are New Jersey based and National in scope.  "CARA" is thoroughly versed in all areas of commercial and industrial property sales and leasing.  We are recognized for possessing full knowledge and experience in “managing the process” in the acquisition/disposition of commercial and industrial properties.

"CARA" is truly unique.  Unlike other corporate real estate brokerage companies that just push “brick and mortar”, our success has been based upon:

    1. Understanding our client’s business plan
    2. Developing corporate real estate strategies
    3. Successfully implementing those strategies

Today, in order to meet the real estate goals of corporations and institutions, commercial real estate companies must be able to provide capabilities that exceed the traditional “full service” definition of yesterday.  Additionally, today’s economy has dictated the need for real estate firms to develop cost effective procedures and strategies that can effectively assist in taking a property or space to the market as well as finding the best opportunities available when seeking larger or smaller facilities.  "CARA" is prepared to do both.

"CARA" is a privately held Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Company.  It was founded in 1984 when Howard Applebaum, saw the need for the creation of a aggressive real estate “boutique”, that could provide client services that were “tailored” to meet the specific needs of the many corporations that called New Jersey “home”.  It has been his goal, to satisfy the needs of our clients, by maintaining the highest level of services . . .at the most affordable prices.

Unlike larger commercial real estate organizations that may appear to have a greater critical mass, "CARA" has avoided “large overhead, possible inconsistencies of talent, potential conflicts of interest and risks”.  By maintaining high ethical standards and a willingness to work with other real estate professionals, the resources of "CARA" are far greater than its size.  Through a series of Strategic Alliances, Networks, and Information Technology. . .in a “seamless manner”, "CARA" can access some of the “Best and Brightest” corporate real estate professionals, New Jersey and the world have to offer!

Corporate America Realty & Advisors is an active member and supporter of various industry and commerce organizations such as CoreNet Global... IOREBA... NJBIA... NJCC... and many more.

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